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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

It was a powerful night at the October 24th PowHER Network event "Power + Influence = Money"

Exciting ideas to unite and move women entrepreneurs forward - thanks to all these amazing women and their brilliant energy!

Our mission is to build mutually beneficial programs for corporations and entrepreneur women within our network...stay tuned!

Jessica Bush (Tutor Doctor North Jersey)

Kristine Deer (K-Deer)

Jennifer Faherty (Financial Wealth-being)

Yansi Fugel (TuxCouture)

Randi Levin (Life Coach)

Kristin O'Keeffe Merrick (O'Keeffe Financial Partners)

Jennifer Marchetti (Ridgewood Moms | PowHER Network)

Nicole Meyer (Nibbles by Nic)

Anita Srivastava (Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management)

Jean Terman (Jean Terman Photography)

Christina Voutsinas Kafes (Keller Williams Village Square Realty)

Hilary Wallace (Personal Trainer)

Fern Weis (Parent Coach)

*This event was dedicated to women entrepreneurs who are thought leaders, life changes and key influencers within their business or social media.

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