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FREE 30-Minute ABA Therapy Consultation by Capable Cubs Therapy

FREE 30-Minute ABA Therapy Consultation by Capable Cubs Therapy, Bergen County Moms

Free one-on-one consultation with an ABA specialist for families with a child with autism. Ask questions or discuss any concerns about your child’s development or ASD diagnosis. Learn the benefits of center-based ABA therapy and see if it is a right fit for your family.

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Capable Cubs Therapy, Ramsey, Bergen County Moms

Capable Cubs Therapy

48 S Franklin Turnpike, Suite 101

Ramsey, NJ 07446 | 201-786-6280

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Meet the Experienced ABA Therapists at Capable Cubs ABA Therapy

At Capable Cubs, we believe that selecting the right ABA therapy center is an incredibly critical decision with lasting consequences (including decreasing meltdowns!). As a leading ABA services provider in Bergen County, we create customized treatment plans for each child that includes teaching new skills, reducing challenging behaviors, and promoting functional communication.

Our team of skilled ABA clinicians includes passionate and highly experienced BCBAs and RBTs who specialize in combining various ABA methods for providing the most effective treatment for your child with ASD. Our goal is to empower children affected by autism with the skills needed to increase independence, build meaningful relationships, and connect with their communities.

Select an ABA therapy center that works best for your family’s priorities, needs, and goals. Get in touch with the Autism specialists at Capable Cubs Therapy. Call 201-786-6280 or contact us online to learn more about our services.

Sarah Edmond, BCBA, LBA, is the Co-founder and Clinical Director of Capable Cubs Therapy. With over a decade of experience working with children with developmental disabilities, she has worked at a number of ABA therapy organizations, special education pre-schools, and early intervention programs. She specializes in children who are severely affected by Autism and has extensive experience treating children who are non-verbal, destructive, and self-injurious. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and her Master’s degree in Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis at Columbia University.

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