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Fashion That’s “Tie-Dye” For by Liza Fonti

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Fashion That’s “Tie-Dye” For by Liza Fonti, Bergen County Moms

Tie-dye is making a comeback this season and I couldn’t be happier about it! Born in the 70s and a child of the 80s, the colorful stain brings me back to my elementary school summer camp days with giant buckets of dye and rubber bands, “Teen Canteen” dances in middle school, and Grateful Dead and Phish shows in my high school and college years. Tie-dye was always a fun way for us to express ourselves creatively with bright and bold colors. Clearly, the pattern screams nostalgia for me, but as it makes yet another comeback, you’ll notice that the trend is reimagined a bit.

Even though it’s a little subtler this time, tie-dye is still quite “louder” than most prints; it’s best to wear a piece with something more muted. From sundresses to sweaters to socks, you’ll be seeing this peaceful print on just about everything this spring and summer. Try a tie-dye tank with a pair of crisp white jeans and sandals or a flow-y, tie-dye sundress on a hot summer day. See below for some of my favorite tie-dye picks for women and men. Groovy!

Liza Fonti, Owner of the lifestyle blog, Stylish Mama, offers women's fashion and beauty finds while sprinkling in some inspirational advice. Her personal motto is: "If you’re fortunate enough to know or acquire something good, spread the love”, Liza also manages social media and content creation for blogs, articles, websites, social media accounts and more through her other venture, Highlight Content

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