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Examples of How to Set Boundaries for Yourself by Maram Barak, M.A.

Examples of How to Set Boundaries for Yourself by Maram Barak, M.A., Bergen County Moms

Setting boundaries can be extremely difficult and exhausting. However, it is one of the most important skills one can learn in order to preserve their own mental health and well being.

Here are some examples that can you can use or adapt when trying to set some boundaries for yourselves in certain situations:

  1. "I do not like the way you are speaking to me. I am asking you to stop using that language, otherwise I will have to end the call."

  2. "This did not sit well with me. I cannot give you an answer right away. I will need some time to process things before I can get back to you."

  3. "I am tired and do not have the energy to have this conversation. Let us schedule another time that would work for both of us".

  4. "This does not align with my values just like some things do not align with yours. Respectfully, I will have to decline your offer."

  5. "I value the trust and comfort you find in confiding in me. However, I feel like it can be draining sometimes. For me to better assist you when in need and for my own well-being, I will need to take some space."

  6. "I am not comfortable doing that right now. I hope you can respect my decision."

Maram Barakat, M.A., is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a special focus on global mental health and research methods. She is primarily interested in providing access to quality mental health services in low-to-middle income countries and vulnerable populations. She is especially passionate about working with survivors of abuse and violence. In fact, she has integrated her passion with her academic interests by focusing her master's thesis on culturally adapting and implementing cognitive processing therapy to Syrian refugee women who have experienced sexual violence during and post-displacement. Maram has worked as a mental health professional and advocate in Lebanon, Uganda, and New York for the past six years. At the Lukin Center, Maram will be taking on the role of social media manager. Her main responsibilities entail managing and monitoring the center's social media platforms, creating content, increasing engagement, and more. Apart from her professional interests, she enjoys acting, karaoke, and extreme sports.

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