Cashing In by Randi Levin, Transitional Life Strategist

Cashing In by Randi Levin, Transitional Life Strategist, Bergen County Moms

As our minds turn to taxes, and earnings, and net worth it becomes easy to get caught up in the financial side of life. After all, most of us measure our contributions to the world within the boundaries of our bottom line. While important for our sustenance and quality of life, those same dollars and cents that quantify the value of our work lives often have nothing to do with the value that others perceive about us, or about what we most value in ourselves.

Recently, a client of mine wanted to speak to her significant other about their finances. She was concerned that they were not being fiscally responsible. She earns a lot more money than he does and this is often the elephant in the room for them as a couple. One of the things we discussed was just what she liked most about this important man in her life. She paused and rattled off 5 things she adored about him. Coincidently, the 5 things that she loved about him were the same things she most wanted to work on individually for herself. Her boyfriend had significant value to her because he brought an abundance of rich personal assets into her life. Turns out he possessed qualities that one would not get paid for, but that were priceless for my client to have in her life. There was simply no dollar amount that could be attached to them. This shifted her perspectives in terms of evaluating both their finances and the status of their relationship, evening out the balance in their lives.

When we assess our own worth, just like my client did, we often pay attention only to the monetary bottom line. If we view our value from both a fiscal and spiritual point of view, we create a new and interesting twist in our financial outlook enabling us to cash in on not just paychecks but on personal attributes and contributions as well. What something is worth to us is an equation measured, as much by the qualities one possesses as by the assets they manage.

Looking to get rich quick? Slow down!! Comprehend and evaluate the variety of ways in which we can measure our worth. Wealth can be measured by health, energy, love, friendship, or abundance of character. Doing something with passion and no paycheck may be more valuable then doing something with hatred and a large payout. Cashing in is the awareness and intuition involved in comprehending the difference.

Cashing in is not only about counting our money, but also about counting what has the most importance to us within the confines of our relationships and our world.

Cashing in is about understanding and taking advantage of what we most love and cherish in both what we are doing and who we are doing it with.

Cashing in is not selling out. It is about measuring success in a broader and more meaningful way.

Cashing in is about banking in the moment. It takes into consideration all the elements of our being and the value that we each bring to other people and to ourselves. It is less about bottom line and more about gratitude and appreciation.

Cashing in is not about retiring our use of monetary systems. It is about our expanding our financial outlook to include not only what we earn as measured in our bank accounts, but also what assets we accrue as measured in our hearts.

Randi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching – is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist, Fortune 500 keynote, author, and reinvention expert. Randi supports women in becoming legends in their own lives! Female founders, emerging entrepreneurs, and women in transition hire her as a legacy catalyst to manage and lead change. She supports her clients and audiences in redefining success and realigning and redefining legacy as power tools for choice and renewal, moving them from wanting next chapters to pivoting and living them today! She is a relatable resource and an action-oriented coach and speaker building upon her 15+ years in Corporate America, her tenure as a stay-at-home super mom, and her successful reinvent as an entrepreneur and sought-after strategist. Randi Levin is a featured expert on national stages and in top media outlets and podcasts. You may have seen her interviewed or quoted in Thrive Global, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, American Express OPEN Forum, Working Mother Magazine, MSN, FairyGodBoss, Swaay, Yahoo, or Covey Club. Her workshops have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Randi is the creator of The Personal Success Accelerator System and a contributing author in the anthology series Get RESULTS!