Riverside Medical Group PEDIATRICS, FREE Prenatal Classes in Ridgewood


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FREE Prenatal Classes

Riverside Medical Group PEDIATRICS

74 Oak Street, Ridgewood NJ

(201) 552-2333

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Riverside Medical Group Pediatrics offers the most popular comprehensive childbirth class in the NYC metro area.... FOR FREE! This one-day class is led by experienced and certified instructors and designed to minimize apprehension about the birth process and help couples understand labor and birth using the best of various methods, including Lamaze.

Each reservation offers families three seats for the class to give the same educational opportunity to expectant parents as well as their child’s future caretaker. Ideally, between weeks 32 and 34 of your pregnancy is the perfect time to take a class.

Prenatal class will cover:

  • What to expect during each stage of labor and birth

  • When to leave for the hospital

  • Coping techniques: relaxation, massage, and partner support

  • Medical interventions and procedures

  • Pain relief options, including epidural usage

  • What you need to know about cesarean birth and prevention

  • Newborn procedures in your hospital

  • What to expect at your home with your newborn and basic newborn care

  • Answers to your questions about vaccinations and newborn safety

2018 Saturday Dates Available: 9/22, 10/6, 11/17, 12/15

Time : 9am – 12pm

*FREE lunch and refreshments*

Click here to fill out the registration form. 


For any other questions, please email CCC@riversidemedgroup.com

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