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Watch Out NYFW! Suits are Here to Stay by Yansi Fugel, Designer

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Photo credit Tux Couture

This year’s New York Fashion Week has proven itself to be unlike any other. Bold colors, eclectic locations, diverse lineups, and star-studded guest lists have made each and every day truly outdo the last.

Being in the fashion industry, we have been keeping a close eye not only on the runways, but also on the guest lists as celebrities, influencers, and icons made their presence known at various shows throughout the week.

And the one item that made a major statement this year?

You guessed it - the tuxshedo.

Women all over the city donned their version of a tuxedo. From classic, all black ensembles to fun pops of colors and patterns, the suit definitely made a statement at this year’s NYFW.

Yansi Fugel, Founder & Designer, Yansi Fugel & Tux Couture,

Yansi Fugel, Founder & Designer, Yansi Fugel & Tux Couture, embraced fashion at an early age, learning to sew from her mother and inheriting her sense of style. The joy of thinking and visualizing something and the emotional importance of craft, the making of it to bring it to life is her passion. Her entire career has been in the fashion industry, with a retail company, Paraphernalia for 9 years and then starting her own company and brand for 28 years. Dressing women in “confidence” has always been her calling, clothes that FIT, flatter and make you feel empowered. This was the basis of her namesake collection in dressing women for work and play, with the focus on the customer and her needs. Easy care, many items washable. Easy wear, fabrics that don’t wrinkle and travel well. The philosophy is simple, to make beautiful clothing that is both timely and timeless, using high quality materials and workmanship; clothing that is empowering and imbues confidence. When you feel beautiful you are powerful and this is a legacy to pass on to our daughters in the garments themselves as well as the perspective of how clothes should serve us.


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