Uplevel Your Lifestyle: Sustainability Starter Kit by Laurence Carr, Interior Design

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

When it comes to sustainability, one question I get more than any other is, “how do I start?” One of the main hurdles people face in embracing environmentalism and wellness in their homes is they mistakenly feel it’s an all-or-nothing exercise… but that simply isn’t true! Each small shift, each habit changed, each item replaced is a small step in the right direction, and these small steps add up quickly. The more we each embrace small steps, the more motivated we’ll be to find new, inventive ways to lead more sustainable, healthy lives!

To help, I put together a Laurence Carr-approved curation of some of my favorite sustainable swaps for common household items. It’s a fantastic resource to get yourself started, and as we head into the holiday season, consider batching up a basket of these tools as a wonderful gift!

Gifts like these may seem more practical than powerful, and more sensible than sexy, but remember this: Many gifts sit to the wayside after being received, but these are items that your recipients will actually use! And each time they reach for it, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness, and be infused with the goodness of knowing they’re helping the Earth, and themselves.


  1. HeykirHome 12-Pack Reusable Glass Straw

  2. Stasher 100% Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

  3. longzon Silicone Stretch Lids

  4. Ecowaare Set of 15 Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

  5. HUNNYBEE Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

  6. Peachy At Home Super Absorbent Dish Sponge Paper Towels for Cleaning

  7. SnugPad Wool Dryer Balls XL Size 6 Pack

  8. Natural Plant Based Scrub Sponge

  9. Urban Green Glass Bamboo Lids

  10. Epicurean Nonslip Cutting Board Set

  11. Kim Seybert Boho Napkin

  12. Scanpan Classic Induction Fry Pan


  1. Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

  2. GOGRS Dental Floss

  3. VIVAGO Biodegradable Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes

  4. Lulu Candles

  5. Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Bath Melts

  6. 24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs

  7. Saalt Menstrual Cup

  8. Slip Limited Edition Rose Gold Collection Pillowcase


  1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

  2. Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier

  3. RENWER Essential Oil Diffuser

  4. Shower Head and 15 Stage Shower Filter Combo

  5. Philips Hue White 2-Pack BR30 LED Smart Bulb

  6. Smart plug

So many wonderful choices, and with many at such affordable price points, you can’t afford to not upgrade! They’ll quickly pay for themselves in their benefits to you, and the environment.

And of course, don’t forget to take a look at our eBooks on sustainable sources to get you started! Let these sustainability swaps be a jumping-off point for you to find more solutions to enhance your lifestyle and wellness, while reducing your impact on the earth… one small step at a time.

Laurence Carr is a proud Ambassador for the Sustainable Furnishings Council

Laurence Carr is founder & CEO of Laurence Carr Design, an award winning interior design firm in New York City providing full service and e-design services to clients. She creates exquisite holistic interiors that promote mindful living and harmony, while attaining a level of sophistication through layering modern art, furniture, antiques and accents. Born in France, Laurence has 20 years experience in design, the performing arts, and fashion. She has been nationally published and is a frequent speaker and panelist in major industry related events.

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