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The Lukin Center's Body Acceptance Group: Loving Yourself Is the Greatest Revolution - Starts June 28th

The Lukin Center's Body Acceptance Group: Loving Yourself Is the Greatest Revolution - Starts June 28th , Bergen County Moms

About the Group

Body image refers to how we think about, feel, and act towards our body. Problems with body image are pervasive in our culture and a major cause of psychological distress and eating disorders. The Body Acceptance Group, led by Dr. Andrea Tesher, is for men and women who continually struggle with negative emotions related to one’s body image.

It is expected that this group will help you:

  • Identify societal pressures and learn to challenge thoughts and feelings that lead you to conform to these standards.

  • Learn healthy and effective coping skills to be used in moments of distress related to body image.

  • Improve your relationship with your body, food, and exercise. Focus will be on embracing one’s body as it is and letting go of judgement and criticism. Through education and exploration of the factors which contribute to body displeasure, it is expected that group members will learn to connect with their bodies with love, compassion, and free of shame.

Where: Zoom 

When:  6 Fridays (6/28, 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/9)

Time:  3pm-4pm

Ages: 18+

Complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Tesher and then $125/session.

Dr. Andrea Tesher, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Lukin Center for Psychotherapy, specializing in the treatment of adults with anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, substance abuse, difficulties regulating emotions, and relationship problems. Dr. Tesher’s approach to treatment combines many elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and other evidence-based treatments. She works collaboratively with each client to understand how current thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are impacted by past experiences. She helps clients build on their own strengths and helps them to develop new skills to independently manage negative thoughts and feelings. She works with each client to determine the most effective techniques for achieving their goals. Dr. Tesher approaches her clients with patience, humor and a desire to create a warm, non-judgmental, and safe therapeutic environment that will foster change. Dr. Tesher is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional as well as certified in the treatment of Insomnia.. She has completed extensive training in CBT, DBT, psychodynamic therapy, couples counseling, group therapy and psychological/neuropsychological testing in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, hospital inpatient units, and college counseling centers. Dr. Tesher’s experience volunteering in emergency rooms as an advocate for survivors of rape and domestic violence has guided her research and career. She served as a member of a research team focused on women’s issues and specifically studied the impact of trauma on treatment outcomes for female inpatients at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. During her pre-doctoral internship, she had the privilege of working closely with veterans of all generations struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse disorders, anxiety, and depression. She has practiced in an outpatient setting with private clients, as well as workers compensation clients. She provided individual cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation training to adults with depression, anxiety, PTSD, head traumas, and chronic pain. Dr. Tesher earned her bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and completed a master’s degree in general psychology at New York University. Dr. Tesher received her Doctor of Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, part of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University.

20 Wilsey Square | Ridgewood, NJ 07450 | (551) 427-2458

60 Grand Avenue, Suite 104 | Englewood, NJ 07631 | (201) 403-1284

80 River Street, Suite 302 | Hoboken, NJ 07030 | (917) 903-1901

277 Grove Street, Suite 202 | Jersey City, NJ 07302 | (201) 577-8124

​51 Upper Montclair Plaza | Montclair, NJ 07034 | (973) 787-4470

128 S. Euclid Avenue | Westfield, NJ 07090 | (908) 509-8336


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