Rock the Rainbow: Pieces to Be Proud of by Liza Fonti

I’m willing to admit that I’m not intrigued much by politics. I am, however, BIG into kindness, equality and acceptance. 

I recently sat through a town council meeting in Wyckoff where our residents and neighbors spoke about what the rainbow flag means to them, their families and their community. It was beautiful to witness the passion and to feel the love in that room.

I’m not here to educate you on all that the rainbow flag symbolizes to the LGBTQ+ community; simply put, my friend Lisa tearfully described it as a “beacon of hope” that represents “compassion, diversity and inclusion.” I think that’s a message worth spreading. 

As we join our neighbors in celebrating World Pride during the month of June and the 50th Anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn, I found some colorful pieces to brighten up your wardrobe. Rock some rainbow throughout this month - and the months that follow - to proudly demonstrate your support. 

Love is love. 

Liza Fonti, Owner of the lifestyle blog, Stylish Mama, offers women's fashion and beauty finds while sprinkling in some inspirational advice. Her personal motto is: "If you’re fortunate enough to know or acquire something good, spread the love”, Liza also manages social media and content creation for blogs, articles, websites, social media accounts and more through her other venture, Highlight Content

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