Quiet Change by Noreen Heffernan

Happy New Year!

It’s all about healthy changes. Don’t hold on to resentment. Let it go. Don’t feel guilty for needing time. Be healthy and happy. Think outside yourself. Think about how you can help others. Don’t expect to be able to do it all and be happy. Do what you can and let the rest fall off your shoulders. Be the best version of yourself in 2015. I’ll be with you, especially with a new baby coming; I am going to try to live by this mantra. After all, having a baby doesn’t mean sacrificing myself. I’m growing a family. I want it to be a happy family. So, Mama needs to make sure that Mama is taken care of too!!!!!!! I’ll be sneaking out here and there, in pockets of time, whenever I can.

Are you going to think more about yourself in the New Year? I’m not talking about loud change. I speak about quiet change. I am not into changing yourself while publicly announcing it. I’m talking about quietly going about it. Moms, it’s about thinking about you, taking care of yourself, and then seeing the changes emerge. You know I’m not into the “selfie.” I mean yes, every once in a while. But, let’s not make it our life’s worth/work. To me, the “selfie” represents self obsession. I got my make-up done for free one day over break and my mom wanted to see it so I had to take a “selfie” of myself and couldn’t even look directly at the camera. I had to avert my eyes. How do people do this without a kid or at least a dog in the picture? I still don’t get it. Maybe it is because I don’t really love the way they turn out. Or maybe because I like pictures for reasons?!

Try instead to think about how we can change the world by changing ourselves inwardly. Internal changes do not need to be announced. Outward changes will be seen, regardless. What are you going to change this year? Who can you extend a hand to?

When my 3 year old whines all day, you can literally see the red blood boiling through my body and moving up it like a cartoon character, until smoke comes out of my ears, full force. This, I need to change. But, I take time for myself. I’ve always been able to. This I don’t need to change. It’s easy for me because I see my kids all the time. I don’t have that mom guilt. None. Zero. I find it easy to pick up my keys and wave goodbye out the door, the dust not even settled before I’m pulling out of the driveway. If I happen to catch a slow motion tantrum in the drive-by, all the more reason to speed on by. I’ll even take my pregnant belly out for a spin, body sore and feeling fatigued, just to get some time. Let go of the mom guilt in 2015. Self-love is in! Making changes is in! Doing what you can is in! Getting fit is in! Healthy is in! Make it the best year yet.

And if you need a jump start, join me on January 15th from 6:30-8:30 at the Bar Method in Ridgewood, NJ. If you are a local reader, I would love to see you there. Take a free class, learn about good nutrition and non-toxic skin care, pick up a piece of jewelry or a homemade handbag to make you feel good about yourself and where you are going. I would love to see you/meet you/help you jump start the New Year and the new you!!!!!!!

After all, we are and will always be in this together!

~Noreen Heffernan,Writer, MA in Public and Corporate Communications, Certified in PR Writer, Growing Ladies