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Read Kate Kasch's Debut Novel, Jane Street

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Kate Kasch's Debut Novel, Jane Street, Ridgewood Moms

We are thrilled to announce Kate Kaschenbach - aka Kate Kasch - has officially published her first mystery, Jane Street.

Kate Kasch's debut novel, Jane Street, is a suspense-filled mystery that will keep you guessing until the final chapter.

CONGRATULATIONS to this brilliant woman and her creative mind!

Kate Kasch's Debut Novel, Jane Street, Ridgewood Moms

About Jane Street

In an attempt to put her tormented past behind her, Verity Townsend moves from Upstate New York to Manhattan with the hope of a fresh start as the Director of Development for a children’s charity, the Children’s Family Fund (CFF). As Verity’s dream to build a home for the orphans of CFF on historic Jane Street is about to be realized, the body of a young interior designer, Chloe Kingston, is found on site. Everyone involved with CFF is a suspect, including Verity, and two CFF board members, David Cohen, and the charming Ryker Rensselaer.

Jane Street – the location where Alexander Hamilton, the famed American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of our country, took his last breath after being killed back in 1804, has a tragic past. But what do Hamilton, Jane Street and Chloe’s death all have in common? Verity’s practical, no-nonsense personality has trouble accepting her gift as a medium, but in order to help Chloe, she must embrace this gift. Through a series of terrifying nightmares that haunt Verity’s sleep, Chloe gives clues to identify her murderer. Can Verity decipher the clues and find the killer, or will history repeat itself . . . Again?

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