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Is Your Rear End on Trend? “Fanny Packs” are Back! By Liza Fonti

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Is Your Rear End on Trend? “Fanny Packs” are Back! By Liza Fonti, Bergen County Moms

I was walking through Bloomingdale’s a few months ago when something stopped me dead in my tracks. Hanging there in plain sight was a bag that - as a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s - I was certain I’d never see again in my lifetime … especially on display in a high-end department store. I’ve seen models and bloggers randomly rocking them in magazines and on Instagram, but there was a part of me laughing it off. Sure, these women are wearing them in photos, but are they really utilizing them in public?

What I found even more surprising than the fact that “fanny packs” have reemerged, was my knee-jerk reaction to quickly add one to my Christmas wish list after seeing it on display. Thanks to my husband, I am now the (kind of) proud owner of an MZ Wallace “belt bag.” Call it whatever you want, they are back, much prettier and a little more glam. (Note: I’ve linked some of my favorite “fanny finds” below!)

I’m going to be honest; it initially felt a little strange admitting to myself that I have one in my possession, but why? Perhaps I’m scarred, thanks to Weird Al. (Am I ageing myself here, or what?) Perhaps they were never really “cool” in the first place. Whatever the reason, it took me one month and 10 days to finally take the tags off. Today, with a little encouragement from my incredibly stylish, best girl friend, I wore it … and it felt pretty good. I threw my cell phone and keys inside, buckled it around my waist, and went for a long walk, completely hands-free.

It felt a bit brave strapping a bag to my bum after all these years, but within a few minutes, I forgot that I even had it on. It was kind of freeing. Imagine rocking one of these at the playground with your kids, or at the airport!

In these days of Marie Kondo, where almost everyone seems to be so sick of overloading on the unnecessary, it was a bit liberating to take only what I needed with me and give my poor shoulder a rest from the typical oversized bag of useless nonsense I lug around daily with me. I think we are all carrying around A LOT more than we need to be carrying … and I mean that in so many ways.

Cheers to minimalism and shrinking bags for your bum! (Now if only my bum would start shrinking.)

If you’re not quite sure yet about strapping a belt bag around your waist, try wearing it as a cross-body instead! You can wear it in front … or in the back …

The above photos were taken by my talented friend / Bergen County Photographer, Cara Polizzi. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as @photographybycaranj.

Click links for some of my favorite “finds for your fanny” below …


MZ Wallace Black Nylon

Click here for the link to the belt bag I’m wearing in the photos. I love it because it’s sporty and simple; it works great with workout gear or a pair of jeans. I threw a cardigan over it, making it a little less discreet.

Kate Spade Leopard

Kate Spade Hearts (perfect for Valentine’s Day!)

Two beauties from Gucci:


Do you already own a belt bag? Can you embrace this re-emerging trend?

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