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Bringing Everyday Magic with Zing Café + $25 Zing Bucks

Bringing Everyday Magic with Zing Café + $25 Zing Bucks, Bergen County Moms

Back to school, back to routine, back to connecting with your community. But living in the suburbs may not exactly lead to frequent chance encounters. That’s where Zing Café comes in. We’re more than just a café on wheels, we create a place for people to make real connections.

Take one of our favorite customers, Sandy, for example. She started out as our first regular at one of our stops—her bright smile always made our day. She even made friends with another regular customer, Danny. They would chat while drinking their coffees, recreating the classic city coffee shop experience right in front of Stillman Elementary as they waited to pick up their kids.

When we launched our Zing to You service, we created what will now forever be known as the “Sandy Stop.” A few times every week, we stop in Sandy’s driveway in the morning to serve her and her mother (the biggest fan of our iced cappuccinos) before heading out on our regular route. They get a few moments of peace with fresh, delicious coffee, and we get to serve our favorite customers. It’s a win-win. Zing Café is all about bringing people together. As a fully stocked pop-up café on wheels, we’ve got every treat you’re looking for—and we make sure to match “delicious” with “convenient” and “fun.” Whether you use our Zing to You on-demand service and run into your neighbor when waiting for your drinks, or you invite us to serve coffee at your next PTA meeting—we’re all about bringing magic to wherever people gather.

 Add Some Zing To Your Routine

Bringing Everyday Magic with Zing Café + $25 Zing Bucks, Bergen County Moms

We couldn’t agree more. Enter: Zing to You, your café on-demand.

That’s right—simply request a Zing-mobile to arrive at a location near you and we’ll meet you there with a full pop-up café. Need a coffee for a quick pick me up? Got it. Need a fresh pastry to sweeten your day? Got it. Need a red eye with two extra shots to get you through little league practice, ballet rehearsal, and the violin recital? We got that too.

Fall is a busy time and we’re here to help you get through it working around your busy schedule.

Bringing Everyday Magic with Zing Café + $25 Zing Bucks, Bergen County Moms

Download the app and try it for yourself.  Use referral code BERGENMOMS for $25 Zing Bucks —use it all at once or save some for later, it’s up to you.

Bringing Everyday Magic with Zing Café + $25 Zing Bucks, Bergen County Moms

AmaZING Events

Fall is a time for gathering. With everyone back from summer vacations and school starting up, there are countless opportunities to reconnect with your local community.

Whether it’s PTO meetings, block get-togethers, or birthday parties, Zing is fully equipped to serve gatherings of 10 people or more. With beverages to rival the best city cafés and snacks fresh from Patisserie Florentine, your gathering will feel, smell, and taste magical.

Reach out to our team to schedule your event today!

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